What We Do

What We Do

  • Overall assistance on Acceptance letter
  • Information on Admission requirement
  • Formatting Documents
  • Visa preparation classes
  • Travel Arrangement


Our Services

Career counseling:
Uniwest helps students to choose right college/university and course to study in the right country. Initially our consultancy tries to understand the student’s perspective in which country they are willing to study and what are his/her background. Understanding their background, we suggest them with proper guidance.

Selection of right College and University:
After formal enrollment of student in Uniwest we help them in the selection of good educational institutions. It is very concerned with the right selection of educational institutions abroad. Our main task is also to discover well established institutions and provide students with error-free applications.
We make way of student simple by advising them good institutions that would go with their individual, educational and financial position. Uniwest guides the students constantly on topics like, payment of fees, suitable accommodation, Fooding, weather conditions with suitable clothing options.

Why select Uniwest ?

Career Counseling

Selection Of College/Universities

Info On Admission Requirement

Formatting Documents

Interview Preparation & Pre-Departure Briefing

Accommodation & Travel Arrangement

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